A comprehensive and customised solution for all your rail, rolling stock and infrastructure projects

Neopolia Rail groups together more than 30 companies which pool their expertise in order to respond innovatively to the needs of the rail market.

We provide long-term support in:

  • Your drive for overall product/process competitiveness
  • Planning your development


Our 4 strategic fields of activity:

  • Integrating solutions and rationalising procurement
    Delivery of full plug and play systems
    Industrial competitiveness: product, process, logistics, quality

  • Co-development
    Design and production of sub-assemblies
    Holistic approach to improve our productivity

  • Technology transfer
    Adapting solutions used in the aeronautics, shipbuilding and energy sectors
    Composites, thermoplastics, injection-moulded plastics, stamping, bonding, etc.
    Electronic multiplexing, information networks, energy saving, etc.

  • Innovation
    Proposing technical system solutions
    Initiating large-scale projects in collaboration with key innovators